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Farm Frites, an independent family owned business, founded in 1971 in Oudenhoorn in South Holland by Gerrit de Bruijne. The company produces a wide diversified range of potato fries and potato specialties.

Farm Frites Egypt

Farm Frites has been established in Egypt since 1988 as a joint venture between Farm Frites Holland and Kuwait Food Company (Americana).

It is one of the largest Farm Frites plants all over the world, with a significant potato farming operation; the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. The company brings together its international knowledge and expertise with the rural values of Egypt.

We annually export 50% of our production to more than 22 countries in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to emerging market opportunities in Japan and Far East.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with the unyielding commitment of our team to constantly innovate and evolve, Farm Frites Egypt is recognized for the production of the finest quality frozen pre-fried French fries in the Middle East and Africa.

Farm Frites Egypt invests strongly in the development and growth of its business, not only through increasing the capacity of its employees, but also through creating an ethical spirit of competition, integrating technology, and always maintaining field research. Farm Frites takes extreme pride in taking the lead and setting a successful model for an extraordinary agricultural change, and integrating alternative, sustainable methods for field expansion and growth.

Farm Frites Worldwide

Farm Frites International has dedicated itself to an ongoing program of specialized development in the breeding, selection, processing and packaging of potato products. It is the third largest potato processing company in the world, with over 40 sales offices and six production plants. It employs over 1500 people in over 40 different locations, processing more than 1.3 million tons of potatoes annually.